Theme Of Family In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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In things fall apart the author Chinua Achebe talks in first person about Okonkwo being very passionate about family because he really never had one. As far as Okonkwo not having a stable family all because his father Unoka was not around. His father was more important with gambling and putting the family in debt. As in things fall apart the author Chinua Achebe displayed the importance of valuing family through plot and tone. Okonkwo was a very powerful person that considered the whole Umuofia as family. Could no one come between the clan and if they tried it would be war that no one would forget. Considering
Umuofia as a big family they do have their problems just like everyone else. As in things fall apart someone could be killed and it would break the clan apart for a
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Sometimes when he went to big village meetings or communal ancestral feasts he allowed
Ikemefuna to accompany him like a son carrying his stool and his goatskin bag. And indeed Ikemefuna called his father. After a while Okonkwo himself so fond of Ikemefuna that he comes to think of him as a son. Ikemefuna reciprocates the feeling adoring Okonkwo enough that he calls him his father. Out of affection Okonkwo extends his notion of family to included Ikemefuna even though the boy isn’t related to him by blood or clan membership. Okonkwo is hoping the ways Ikemefuna will rub off on his son Nwoye. Okonkwo has been trying to figure out Nwoye but Nwoye wants to do his own thing.
“Ikemefuna had begun to feel like a member of Okonkwo family. He still thought about his mother and his three year old sister and he had moments of sadness and depression. But he and Nwoye had become so deeply attached to each other that such moments become less frequent and less poignant.
Ikemefuna has lived long enough with Okonkwo’s family to start feeling like as part of it especially since he has revealed such a close relationship with Nwoye. To Ikemefuna mutual affection the basis of a family not shared
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