The Importance Of Family In Today's Family

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Family relationships are an essential part of life however how someone is treated in them can heavily impact and influence them. Henrietta’s family had many shortcomings that unfortunately wouldn’t have happened if their family relationship was stronger. After Henrietta’s passing her family went downhill from her children being abused to her husband's infidelity during their marriage. Before Henrietta passed, her family life was gloomy because after her mother died her family was separated and she had to live with her grandfather. “ Johnny didn’t have the patience for raising children, so when Eliza died, he took them all back to Clover, Virginia where his family still farmed the tobacco fields their ancestors had worked as slaves.” conveyed by Rebecca Skloot. Which shows how her father basically threw her off to his family because he didn't want to take care of his responsibilities as a father. Family in today’s society try to stick together and when a parent dies the other parent normally steps up to take care of the children if any. But Henrietta’s family was unpredictable so the cycle continued when Henrietta died; her…show more content…
Knowing that no matter what they are always going to be family. “Family relationships are a biological conundrum friends you choose relatives you are stuck with.” stated by Roger Lewin. This quote is important because it confirms the fact that the Lacks had no choice in being born into their family. In Family by David Peterson he talks about family functions and interactions. “In virtually all cultures, the family serves as the basic institution for bearing children, caring for them during their early years…” according to David Peterson. Proves that the author's purpose is to show how family functions are comparable in that they are all based upon family. Which is similar to Henrietta’s but is creatively
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