The Importance Of Family Planning

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Family planning by utilization of contraceptive techniques has been established as a cornerstone in reducing maternal and infants mortality improve maternal and child health improving empowerment of women and amelioration of the over population problem especially in the developing countries

Worldwide, about 358,000 women and 3 million newborn babies die each year because of complications related to pregnancy and childbirth .Most of these deaths occur in developing countries Contraceptive use has been estimated to prevent more than 272,000 maternal deaths and save the lives of nearly 2 million children each year
Using family planning methods has been reported to improve women 's health through allowing more time for mothers to improve their nutritional status. Contraceptive use can also improve child survival, mainly by lengthening inter-pregnancy intervals as the risk of pre-maturity and low birth-weight doubles when conception occurs within 6 months of a previous birth
There is a reciprocal relationship between contraception and women empowerment: greater empowerment is likely to raise contraceptive practice and vice versa.

The contraceptive prevalence rate (percentage of women who, or whose sexual partner are practicing any form of contraception) in Egypt was reported as 60.30 % in 2010, compared with 82.0 % in United Kingdom and 86.90 %in China The challenge is to provide services for the remaining 40%, who represent unmet

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