Explain How Families Work Together At Home

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From the time our children are born we work with them on getting along with others. Children need to learn how to communicate with others, how to problem solve, and morals. A good place for children to learn these steps is at home with the family. When there is a healthy family relationship the child will develop greater social skills.

One thing that a family can work on is to promote good communication. This can be done by just sitting around the dinner table and holding conversations. The parent needs to talk to the child as well as listen to what the child has to say. This helps to develop the child 's communication skills and teaches them how to communicate with others.

Another thing that families can work on at home is problem solving skills. This can be done by guidance from the parent. The parent can
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These things can be the interaction of classmates, interactions with the teacher, and how the classroom is arranged. The classroom arrangement can help in encouraging communication between students. By setting the desks up in groups or having tables in the classroom this encourages communication, but if the desks are set up in rows this can hinder the opportunity for children to interact and communicate with each other. Also having the desks set up in groups gives the teacher easier access to the students and helps with the student to teacher communication.

The classroom environment is also another strong contributor to the development of the students problem solving skills. Maurice Elias suggest "engage in creative, disciplined process of exploring alternative possibilities that leads to responsible, goal-directed action, including overcoming obstacles to plans" (Elias, 2003). Through listening to Elias 's suggestion the students can be promoted in their learning, develop problem solving skills, and can also learn how to assume responsibility for their
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