Essay On Family Should Stay Together

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“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear.” I believe that family should stay together no matter what problems come. I had a cousin, his name was Danny. To me, he was my brother and my best friend. He was always there from the day I was born until my 13th birthday. He was always the shoulder I could cry on. He was always there when someone bullied me. He always defended me from everyone that wanted to hurt me, but one day everything changed. It just took one day for my life to turn miserable. Danny always thought that family should always be together. But on my Dad’s side of the family, no one gets along. Even though Danny was from my Mom’s side of the family he would always get sad looking at the way my Dad’s family wouldn’t get along no matter what. But Danny had asthma. It would scare us when he had asthma attacks because no one wanted to lose Danny for nothing. Danny would always have asthma attacks at school. He did not finish school because most of the time he was in the hospital. He always told me to finish school because it’s important. Every year that went by Danny’s asthma got worse. Danny’s asthma attacks were stronger and the medicine would not help him at all. The doctor would always tell us that his…show more content…
My Dad’s family started fighting again over who’s fault it had been. But what surprised me was that my Dad was not fighting with them. And my Mom asked him why he was not mad and he answered “Danny showed me that I am not supposed to fight about dumb things that are pointless. They all know he died of old age, but they just want an excuse to fight.”. When my dad said that I started crying, and I realized that Danny had made a change that he had left a mark in our lives. But Danny was not there so I could tell him what my Dad had said. He was not there so I could cry on his shoulder. Danny was
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