The Importance Of Family Structure In Education

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Introduction Family structure has a great influence on children’s experiences and development. With the constant growth and advancement happening in our society, the structure of the family, as well as the values and beliefs being valued and preserved by our ancestors, flows with the profound changes. Even though variations are evident, parents still desire to ensure that their young learners acquire their needs and learn the basic skills at school that are essential in coping with the demands of the fast-changing society and uncontrollable external factors that may affect their general well-being. However, they tend to neglect the importance of their presence in their children’s education, excluding themselves in the process due to some factors brought by their existing family structure. Gentry (2011) stated that parents’ investment in their child’s education have been disheartening, showing only about one-fifth of parents consistently attending school programs, having nearly one-third of parents with no idea on their child’s status in school and only about one-sixth of all students reporting that their parents don’t care whether they earn good grades in school or not. As a result, children’s development is being affected, contributing to problems and poor child outcomes particularly in educational success and life skills development. According to Rosario-Braid, Lopez and Tuazon (2011), the impact of a shift of the family from two parents to one can be traumatic showing

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