The Importance Of Family Structure In School

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Family structure is one of the important factors that is being associated to the development of behaviors and skills needed to achieve in school. Strauss (2009) suggested that student’s success or failure is related in home life which is credited to Dr. Rich in developing MegaSkills program and in making parental involvement as a requirement for schools. It is supported by a study conducted by Williams (2007) which showed that a significant impact exists between family structure and student behavior at school and academic success. This is also related to Baker (2011) examination of family structure and academic achievement using One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) among 262 high school students which suggested that academic behavior was significantly affected by family structure. In addition, the association between family instability and children’s problem behavior in a sample (n = 1,015) drawn from the NICHD Study of Early Child Care and Youth Development was investigated by Cavanagh & Huston (2006) which showed that differences in problem behavior varied by family structure at birth and the emotional, social and material resources in the family. Similarly, Gonzales, Willems & Holbein (2005) confirmed relationship between parental involvement and student motivation with the following constructs such as school engagement, intrinsic/extrinsic motivation, perceived competence, perceived control, self-regulation, mastery goal orientation, and motivation to read. Further,
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