The Importance Of Fandom

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According to the definition of Jenkins (2007), cited in the article of Bury (2016), fandom is: “everywhere and all the time, a central part of the everyday lives of consumers operating within a networked society” (Bury, 2016, p. 2). With this definition, it is clear that the members of a fandom can be all over the world and do not necessarily have a personal relationship with each other, but the interest is common for all of them participating in the consumption of a particular product. Fandom can be related to many aspects of life, like a movie, a TV series, an artist, a sport, a writer, a politician or so on; it is not related to only one aspect of life. Moreover, a single person can have different interests and each of these can bring him…show more content…
Therefore, changes in the technology modify the practices of the fans of a product. There are new alternatives but also new challenges to find and consume the product the fan are fond of and this increase the determination of fandoms. Because fans can use new ways to be in contact with each other or to be able to reach the products or the artists they are fond of, they are going to feel more satisfied when they reach a product that was really difficult to have. 3.1. Traditional Practices and modalities of Korean Wave Fans Korean Wave follows mostly the changes in the technology sphere. Many practices are related to the traditional media and other that are particularly adapt to the new social media context. These changes give the possibility to transform the various methods in which people are able to reach the cultural products of the Korean Wave. Fans are able to get in touch with the products that they are selecting by themselves. The most traditional practice, at the beginning of the spreading of Hallyu, was the fan-subbing. This mode gives the fans a limitation because they had to get the product first of all. They had to be able to find a way to get the product and mater the technology to add the subtitles and later to share these

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