The Pros And Cons Of Fantasy Football

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The events of a Football game is easily quantifiable in yards, sacks, turnovers and touchdowns. What happens in fantasy football is far less available outside of wins, losses and total points. Due to this lack of circumstantial evidence, much of the advice will be anecdotal in nature. Unlike in business and innovation, the best opportunities for progress do not arise from necessity but from surplus. It's unheard of for a fantasy league to have an established penal system in place for bad behavior, so need not worry about decorum and do whatever is necessary to succeed. There is much to gain by keeping an eye on the Free Agent pool and to remain alert to its changes. The environment around you will naturally shape your behavior as well as your…show more content…
This isn't one size fits all, but it will fit most quite nicely. Don't come crying when you tried to jam that square peg in a round hole and epically failed. The laws provide instructions on what to do, when to do it, and why you should, but the how and if are your own choices. We all have unsung heroes on our rosters, they perform with strong levels of consistency and offer above average points at their position. Ironically they often fly under our radars, they aren’t stars so we don't praise their presence and we don't loathe them and look to get rid of them because there are other underperformers to cut. Identify the cliques within your league and infiltrate their circle of trust through acts of kindness and friendliness. You have countless tools around you to determine common interests, social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter give away all the secrets one would need to spearhead this endeavor. Dr. Ericson suggests that people are naturally drawn to others who are similar in lifestyle, political allegiance, musical taste and personality. People cannot help but surround themselves with people they are like or want to be like. To turn an enemy you must first become him in…show more content…
You know your bad habits, and if you are negligent to your own missteps, then focus on your recent misfortunes and they will lead you to the corresponding actions that caused it. Identify these bad habits and take a conscious effort to curb them or continue to be crippled by them. "People are quick to add perceived value to things once ownership has been established" - Dan Ariely It's better to be considered the luckiest bastard than more formidable opponent. In order to be superior to your competitors you will need to outperform the sports analysts instead of blindly following their often misguided advice. We are far more receptive to people who speak the same way we do. Back down and accept defeat when you are wrong. There is nothing to gain by winning every argument through over aggression and demoralization of your
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