Cruel And Inhumane Treatment Of Farm Animals

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Did you know that some farm animals are forced to eat so much that they cannot carry their own weight? It is cruel and inhumane treatment, but it is legal to our country. By examining physical changes, speciesism, and animal testing, it is clear that farm animals should have more protection from the government. An examination of these issues will reveal that farm animals suffer needlessly, and more government regulation of these animals is justified. Physical changes to farm animals’ bodies occur frequently in the farm industry and result in unnecessary pain and suffering. One example is the practice of body part amputation, for example, tail docking. It is not a required law to use anesthesia to remove a farm animal’s body parts. “Animals can have their testicles, tails, horns,…show more content…
It is inhumane to remove a body part and inflict violent pain on an animal when anesthesia or other pain relief medications are readily available. Humane slaughtering practices, such as the use of stun guns, can alleviate some of the merciless treatment of farm animals, but it is not enough. Animals “...slaughtered for food each year in the United States suffer immensely inside factory farms. And, shockingly these animals have virtually no legal protections…” (What Rights? 6 Ways Farm Animals Lack Legal Protection). Moreover, factory farms try to maximize animal production for the lowest cost possible by making the animals live in extremely confined conditions and

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