The Importance Of Fashion Design

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Design is much more than the process of making clothes; it 's a scientific art form that involves calculations of execution. The execution of ideas, fantasies, and art. This research proposal will illustrate the significance of fashion and how important it is for a designer to formulate their objectives, and produce it in an orderly manner. The elements of a true designer do not only involve the process of coming up with concepts and sketching on paper; this includes having a very theoretical approach to their craft. A well produce garment, or collection, includes paying attention to detail of the theme of the collection, the fabrics being used to complement the theme, the mood, and the inspiration behind it all. With that being said, technological advances have it more facile for designers to produce garments that match the idea in their head. Therefore, the development of new materials has made fashion progress and the process of fabric manipulation has made garment making more inventive. Throughout the research of the concept behind my master 's project, I have drawn inspiration from a particular artwork that will integrate old elements with new concepts in fashion.In today’s progressive world, we have noticed a technological revolution of some sort, it has revolutionized all facets of life. To illustrate this technology revolution, we have been introduced to various innovations. From social media to touchscreen phones, to GPS, and even home systems that use AI;

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