The Importance Of Fashion Essay: How Fashion Has Changed Fashion?

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“What are you wearing?!” Lisa asked. “A sweater, my grandma made it for me herself!” Sam respond. Wrong answer. Sam’s answer made all the girls laughed at her lunch table, but Sam didn’t care. She loves the gifts her grandma made her. She continued to wear her sweater with pride but over the next few days she started to notice that some of her friends started wearing sweaters too, had she started that? During middle school there is one common tie to fashion. Trends spread like wildfire and are constantly changing. Nothing is more important than what you’re wearing because it's what helps associate you with your group. Wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time can make or break your reputation. Your clothes define who you are and what you stand for. The importance of image carries on all throughout life. But why is this? Clothes allow you to express how you feel and show people who you are. Fashion has changed over the years for sure, but even though the trends have changed fashion is still really important in everyday life. Over the years fashion has changed a lot. For instance with the whole women’s rights movement women have been embracing dressing however they want. Back in the old days women would…show more content…
A simple change of dress into something professional can give someone the confidence to go through an interview. The right basketball shoe can improve performance, or at least convince people it does. Clothes are ways for people to express themselves. If a person tends to not care about what they wear then they are a little more easy going and go with the flow type personality, where as some always dress in proper formal clothes maybe a little more uptight. Someone who dresses sporty probably loves being active and a person wearing leggings probably just wants to be comfy. Clothes come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. Giving people the chance to express themselves anyway they

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