The Influence Of Fashion

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“Fashion is about dressing according to what 's fashionable. Style is more about being yourself” these words are by the famous Oscar de la Renta, explaining that Fashion is something popularly and publicly accepted. This is the same sentiment of Coco Chanel, who expressed that “Fashion fades, only style remains the same”. These two expression indicate that for something to be fashionable it has to gain public consensus and is only for a period of time; but what exactly is fashion? Fashion defined is popular style or trend in clothing, shoes, jewelry, piercing, tattoos, cars, gadgets, cosmetics, etc. It serves as an identification mechanism for individuals in society. Similar to culture which is defined by the Centre for Advance Research on…show more content…
A person blindly following the whims of fashion was without style, whereas a man of style - or a gentleman - used his own power of judgement; Immanuel Kant shared this conception with many of his contemporaries (Gronow). However, items used for a person’s sense of style can still be fashionable. Consequently, someone’s individual style also differs from the way someone dress. Fashion is seen as a contemporary phenomenon, with an increasing role in shaping behaviour in modern-day societies. Fashion influences many areas of human creativity, especially the mode of dressing. Whereas dressing is usually assumed to be traditional costume, which somewhat stayed static during history. (Ivanović-Barišić Milina). By this assumption alone you can distinguish that a major difference between fashion and dress is that fashion is always changing, whilst dressing is seen to be stagnant. However, dress can be defined another way. Entwistle in 2000 stated that dress is a basic fact of social life and that all people ‘dress’ the body in some way. Dressing is not only a necessity in everyday living, it automatically connects itself with

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