Ladies Fashion Case Study

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The study indicated that the ladies aged between 17 and 25 years had a strong enthusiasm for fashion. Fashion is the manner in which a majority of people dress, wear their hair, behave socially, or do other things in a given period (Encarta Encyclopaedia, 2007). The young ladies exhibited fashion especially in different hairstyles, and in different colours that matched the shapes of their faces as well as the colour of the different kinds of outfits (including mini-skirts, sleeveless blouses, skinnies and ‘skin tight’ trousers) and accessories they wore. The attitude of the ladies may be captured by what a famous Ghanaian designer, Ofori Atta, stated that “fashion is the overall appearance of an individual which is accepted by a group of people…show more content…
Those who do not conform to the style-lines and features are branded as “stuck-ups”, “anti-socials” or “collo”. This lends support to Davis’ (1980) and Lindfield’s (1975) view that the concept of fashion arose as cultural values changed to depict visual distinction among social classes over time. In this case the fashion of the “enlightened” ladies distinguishes them from that of their counterparts who are “collo” or “stuck-ups”
Malinoweski indicated in Rouse (1989:2) that “clothing was created by people in response to a physical need for shelter and protection.” However, there are some styles that undermine clothing’s function as protection and practicability. For instance, the wearing of mini-skirts and cropped or short tops during cold weather shows how function is abused. Also, the wearing of black suits in Ghana under the scotching sun shows how love for fashion can override important things like comfortability and
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From the interviewees and focus groups, it was revealed that all fashionable ladies patronize the new trends fashion; for example, slim line clothes, bell bottom denim trousers, slacks, etc. According to some of them initially many adults or older generation disapproved of their style line but this was an assault on their personality and freedom of choices and for that matter rebelled. The survey indicates that the youth wanted to prove to the mature group that they also have their own tastes in fashion and because it is from the Western world does not mean it is not good for

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