The Importance Of Fashion In Ghana

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The study indicated that the ladies aged between 17 and 25 years had a strong enthusiasm for fashion. Fashion is the manner in which a majority of people dress, wear their hair, behave socially, or do other things in a given period (Encarta Encyclopaedia, 2007). The young ladies exhibited fashion especially in different hairstyles, and in different colours that matched the shapes of their faces as well as the colour of the different kinds of outfits (including mini-skirts, sleeveless blouses, skinnies and ‘skin tight’ trousers) and accessories they wore. The attitude of the ladies may be captured by what a famous Ghanaian designer, Ofori Atta, stated that “fashion is the overall appearance of an individual which is accepted by a group of people at a particular time” (Daily Graphic, May 5, 1993 p5). The Place of Today’s Fashion In Ghana, traditions of dress are effectively being eliminated by the more casual style of the West. The fittedand-sewn garment styles of America and Europe which came through migration in successive waves across the oceans have affected the Ghanaian fashion industry. Table 1 shows some responses to questions asked with regards to the awareness of fashion especially dress styles in the Ghanaian society at present. According to the survey, 180 respondents from the tertiary institutions (67%) noted that the place of fashion is mostly visible in the universities, the Polytechnics and other campuses of tertiary institutions as compared to the churches

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