The Importance Of Fashion In Modern Society

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It may be concluded after various researches and findings that the Muslim scholars themselves have different opinions on the discussed topic, yet along the followers of the religion. No clear settlement of how the garment should be a specific coloured uniform has been reached. There are the conservative ones that have an extreme point of view, who value tradition above all and dress according to the cultural rules. Then there seem to be those on the other extreme, expressing that the garment of a woman is not as much of significance as it is in how she behaves and carries herself in form of manners. There is also found a middle opinioned group who believe that growth is a necessary in culture as there is in other aspects of life. As a Muslim, one needs to understand what is right for each individual who is living in the modern society without challenging their faith. Furthermore understanding how much of a battle this is in a daily life.
An article found in the dissertation Mohsina Fatema el al, 2014 advanced in Environmental Biology, in an article from Harvard magazine, The Study of Fashion, stated “Fashion is the exemplar of dissemination,” she also added, “because it is so much about trends. Fashion is not just a trivial interest, but also a real indicator of where a culture is going. Like theater, film, art, or music, it has become
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There is a reason why this industry is going global and being a success. As woman ages they have the tendency to become more modest. From the carious observations, it is evident that the trends in term of style and colour has shifted and will continue to do so and most probably apply to trends of the elders. The younger generation of Emirati women’s interest to the Islamic dressing is increasing, posing a good market for the Fashion marketers of

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