The Importance Of Fashion

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Fashion is defined as a practice or style, in footwear, accessories, clothing, body and makeup. It is distinctive in nature and often depicts a habitual trend of the style in which an individual dresses up. It includes the latest styles introduced by textile designers or the conventional styles in behavior. Different aspects of fashion can be masculine or feminine in nature (Groom, 2015). However, they are also sometimes androgynous in characteristics (a mixture of masculine and feminine). The fashion industry is a modern age product. Most clothing was custom-made prior to mid of the 19th century. Individuals wore homemade clothing or used apparels made by tailors or dressmakers (Tokyo Fashion, 2015). However, from the 20th century onwards introduction of new technologies such as sewing machines; evolved the global capitalism and commenced the factory system of production. This lead to the proliferation of retailing outlets such as department formatted stores.

Industrialization and globalization has enhanced the level of employability in each contemporary market economy. Rising employment rates per capita income thresholds have helped to augment the level of customers’ demand in the global consumer discretionary segment. Researches claim that increasing purchasing power has helped to enhance the level of conspicuous consumption demand in the current era (Groom, 2015). Under this regime; demand for certain products increases with its market price level, as buyers try to

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