The Importance Of Fast Food

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I Introduction
“At some point, they are going to knock a hole in the side of the wall and throw their rotisserie chicken out as you drive by”. (Consumer Trends and the Food System. (n.d.). Retrieved November 3, 2015).
Henry Balzer, one of the greatest food industry analyst gave such perception to the popularity of fast food. Nowadays, fast food has become so common that it has become a part of our today. We can easily find fast food anywhere, for example besides a highway, in the mall, in the airport and more. In the past, people used to eat fresh and unprocessed food, due to the change of lifestyle, attitude of young people, and modern life, fast food start to become so popular. On the other hand, the increase popularity of fast food has greatly affect our family problems, health problems and also addiction among young children.

II Body

A One of the reason fast food become so popular is because of the changing lifestyle we are living (Pool, J. 1997). 1 People especially living in the city working long hours. a They do not have enough time, they are always in a hurry.
I. Food that is convenient and easy available has become their first choice when comes to meal.
II. Drive-thru and delivery service further enhance their needs towards fast food. b Increase their monthly income.
I. To bear heavy living cost in the city.
II. Provide better living for the family.

2 Not only man but woman starts to work. a Gain extra income to support family financially.

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