The Importance Of Fast Food On Elementary School Children

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Dining out with others is common in the United States. Americans spend more than $115 billion a year on fast food (Bellestri). Many people choose fast food restaurants because the convenience. Fast food has become an important part of the American diet, and increase fast-food use in the United States in likely to continue (Paeratakul et al. 1338). In order to maintain a more balanced diet, a person needs to know the nutrition fact of the meal. Another important fact is the issue of childhood obesity. Childhood obesity occurs in many countries, and the consumption of fast food has been associated with obesity (Fraser et al. 77). Exposure to advertising for calorie-dense nutrient-poor foods may increase overall consumption of unhealthy food categories (Andreyeva, Inas, Jennifer 221). There are several types of meals inside the fast food restaurants. Without any instruction, it is hard for a child to tell the difference between healthy meals and junk meals. Problem Statement: The idea of this proposal is to examine how TV advertising and nutrition facts influence the elementary school children from the United States. Which way is better to introduce the healthy fast food to elementary school students, nutrition information sheet or TV advertisement? This inquiry will require some background knowledge of humanities studies, such as psychology and praxeology. The study of human behavior is the focus of this research. The goal of this proposal is to promote the

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