The Importance Of Fast Food Quality

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Although many people think that fast food restaurants need better food quality to succeed, the majority of people would still choose price, convenience, and branding over quality. Fast Food companies recognize their quality is not wholesome and what they are doing is not correct (Ye, C., Cronin, J., & Peloza, J. (2015)). , yet they do not intend to end this production method since they are making millions in revenue. (Schlosser, E. (2012))These type of restaurants have convinced consumers into forgetting about the importance of quality over price and convenience. This is all due to the branding, accessibility and the hidden immorality that has led worldwide fast food restaurants to success. Initially people used to believe that serving large quantity of food for a cheap price was the key to success for a fast food restaurant, rather than a fast food that give less quantity but of a higher quality. Nowadays, they believe that fast food restaurants that focus on serving quickly high quality dishes that use products such as non-conventionally raised meat and organic produced ingredients will triumph the market, regardless of the increased cost. An example is Chipotle, the most well known new fast food restaurant in the United States, whose higher ingredient costs led them to raise its prices in 2014. According to the press release of the company this did not stop their sales instead Chipotle had a 16.8 percent growth and an net income increased by 36 percent. (Chipotle

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