The Importance Of Fast Foods

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The research question asked three important questions:
1) Are fast foods good or bad?
2) What are the importances of fast foods?
3) What are the unethical practices of fast foods? Based from the responses of the participants, they said that fast foods are generally good. Meaning they found more benefits from fast foods as compared to their negative effects to the physical health and even to the environment. Most consumers ate at fast foods because they believe that foods are well prepared although there are authors who said that fast foods may have not prepared their foods carefully. Also, the respondents do not believe that fast foods have negative effects as claimed by various authors such as fast foods have preservatives and ingredients that can develop more fats resulting to becoming obese. Generally, on the major question if fast foods have more bad effects than good effects to the health of the young people, the responses said that fast foods have more good effects than bad effects. The next major question is ‘The Importance of Fast Foods’. The answers of the 100 respondents were found out to be positive. It means fast foods are important to them especially to the young people. Its importance is found on the following questions:
1) Fast foods save the young people time preparing foods at home.
2) Fast foods provide easy to prepare and affordable costs of foods.
3) Accordingly, the new generation has changed their eating habits from eating good foods from

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