The Importance Of Fate In Romeo And Juliet

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“A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life.” -Chorus, in the Prologue. In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, destiny has had a greater impact on all the characters through either for their love towards each other or attitudes among each other that will result in a horrible tragedy. There is always a second opinion that it was a personal choice that leads them to the actions they did, but fate had ruled over them to make decisions that were just meant to be.

In the beginning, fate had struck Romeo at the right time when he was super devastated when he discovered that Rasoline didn’t love him. When he ran into one of the Capulet servants that didn’t know how to read he found out that they were hosting a party, and wanted to go because he saw Rosaline name on the guest list and he knew that he had to go to win Rosaline back. From all the people in Verona, the Capulet servant went to Romeo to ask him for help but little did Romeo know that someone else was going to win over his heart for love. As one of the Capulets servants happened to be roaming around town to find material for the invitation, reading the people on the guest list he stopped at Romeo of all the people for help, “I pray, sir, can you read?” (1.2.57). A common counterpoint is that the servant meant to go to someone else and that it was the servant chose to go to Romeo and that it was not destiny that leads him to Romeo. This argument is wrong because Romeo had just found out that the love of his
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