A Fatherhood In John Steinbeck's Super Bowl

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Fatherhood is important to every male around the world. When a male becomes a father it is something special. Everyone have their own meaning of what a father is, but only a father knows the true meaning of being a father. The point of being a father is not the title the father’s gets after the child is born, but what fatherhood entitles. Fatherhood entitles a life full of growth and a new level of love. Super Bowl LXIX broke the gender ideology. They broke the gender ideology by opening the eyes of anyone that was watching the Super Bowl advertisements. It opens the watcher eyes to the idea that fatherhood sells. In this paper the reason for being a father will be shown in this paper. Also the love of being a father will be explained through the advertisements in Super Bowl LXIX. A male is a great father in many ways. One of the ways of being a great father is by being strong. Some fathers believe that the only way they can be strong, is by being caring. They can be caring to everyone they know, but being caring to their…show more content…
Why do fathers want a child to follow in their footsteps? The reason for that is because the fathers believe his footsteps are the right steps and the Nissan advertisement believes they are the right car. The Nissan care in shown by the father being a race car driver and the father race cars are the Nissan car(s). In the advertisement the dad had to balance life and work. With having a job is the main focus. In the background of the advertisement music was playing. The song that was playing was, “Cats in the Cradle.” The song is about a busy father. This song brings the theme of the advertisement even more. In the end the son ends up having enough time for the father. The boy is following in the following in the father footsteps. The son follows in his father footsteps by being too busy for the dad. In the end the father and son ends up back
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