Stereotypes: Are People Steroid Or Successful?

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A lot of people are fear based in this world, like myself I 'm a bio major and bio is ruthless. So far I have found bio really hard but when people get a little fear in them, they start listening. If someone is genuinely afraid, they are going to start listening. That is what keeps the millions of people to stay inside the box because people are frightened something bad will happen so they don’t take the risk and that opportunity to accomplish what they genuinely want. The sooner people realize that the better it will be for them. A lot of people let in too much fear in them and they do the same thing as any other average person would. We are all set up for failure because we all think we are going north but actually, in reality, we are going…show more content…
The line is straight and simple until you make it hard. If You really have the focus on achieving something you will get their much quicker than everybody. People nowadays focus on too many things at once and a famous person named Confucius said, “the man who catches two rabbits catches neither”. We all think going to school and college is really all the hard work a person needs to get where they want. If you are going to become a doctor, you don’t need calc Ab or higher math. If you are going to be video gamer, you don’t need science or anything, same with being an engineer, you technically don’t need science much. We learn from the teachers and the way our education system works is if someone gets an A in a class, he is considered clever and someone who got a C well he is stuck with those average people. I 'm not saying the education system of a college, or high school is messed up but has it even change since then. We are determined by what college we got to and get what jobs by how well we do in college. Yes, hard work is a factor but it is only 25 percent, that 's like saying someone who works really hard will be a successful person or will make more money than an average person does. If that was the case then the construction people or people who pick up trash and etc. should be making more money. That is where education comes in place to determine the balance in a society. What if someone is really smart and he is failing his classes in college because he is going through some hard time at work. That same person cannot get a job because he couldn’t complete his degree and his GPA is all messed up because at the time he was going through some hard time. He didn’t choose this route. It is just destiny but we can control our destiny. It didn’t have to go that way, yes everything happens for a reason but we are the reason. If in three months from now I get fat, the reason is I ate too much. It didn’t

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