The Importance Of Fear Of Happiness

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High level of mental health increased both happiness and life health satisfaction. People with high level of mental health felt happy most of the time because feeling happy in your mind are as important as feeling happy in your body (Abedzadeha & Mahdian, 2014). The simple fact is that people want to feel pleasure and avoid pain. Happiness yields amazing outcomes such as self-esteem, self-regulation and social goals. However, would the ‘self’ be elevated and feel successful if he is in a state of fear? How may fear of happiness relate to one’s sense of ‘self’? This possible influence are the focus of this endeavour as it explores and explains the values between fear of happiness and the effecting self-esteem, self-regulation and social goals. In some cultures, the state and the expression of happiness is something that is being avoided (Joshanloo & Weijers, 2014). This may sound strange but it really transpires especially in Japan and India where nationalities intentionally impress unhappiness in order to protect themselves from threats of death and untoward reactions from detractors. Studies relating to one’s psychological well-being are affected from such impeded sense of happiness (Abedzadeha & Mahdian, 2014; Gruber, Quoidbach, Kogan & Mauss, 2012). In another note, deliberate fear may transpire among students. Adolescence is a critical period of life in which abilities to express and understand emotions, to assign meaning to emotional experience, and to regulate

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