The Importance Of Feasting In The Odyssey

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Interconnected Themes of Eating and Moral Degeneracy in the Odyssey
The act of eating in odyssey represents various character traits. Apart from eating for survival, food has a symbolicc meaning in the world of odyssey since men are constantly eating and throughout the epic there are numerous civilized feasts, which are depicted as signs of hospitality. They enhance establishment of a bond between the guest and the host as well as providing pleasant welcoming procedures including sacrifices in honour of the gods (Dougherty 13). In spite of being used as a unifying celebration, the feasts in Odyssey bring more unusual forms of eating and become an arena for conflict and moral decay.
In spite of the unifying quality of the civilized feasts,
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Food serves as a way to illustrate an understanding and respect of the rules. All the way through the epic, feasting provides an enjoyable and welcoming environment for storytelling and further celebratory procedures. Besides, the sharing of the foods and the drinks at the communal high feast establishes a warm affiliation between the hosts and the guests thus giving the latter a feeling of relieve in their surroundings (Homer 21). In addition, the feasting lays emphasis on the friendship formed between the host and the guest as well as bringing them together. This enhances the establishment of a pleasant atmosphere for the consequent exchange of tales and talents. The welcoming of Odysseus by the hosts represents their kindness prior to the sharing of stories and the holding of different athletics contest. While the civilized feasts endeavour to bring together the guests and the hosts, they also incorporate sacrifices, which are meant to honorr the gods. They bring together the mortal and the divine kingdom as a whole. The sacrifice of food and drink offered by Nester is meant to honor the goddess Athene and as well show his strong wish for respect (Homer 26). In addition, it is intended to set up a relationship among the mortal and the heavenly sphere. The sacrifice of food and drink that is offered to the gods in their honor is to highlight the inherent control the gods have over the mortals. These mortals are able to manipulate them through the provisions along with creating a dynamic relationship between humans and the
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