The Importance Of Feedback In Communication Process

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INTI INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE SUBANG JAYA MGT1005 DEFINE COMMUNICATION NAME : HORACE YU YANG XUAN METRIC NO : J14017008 COURSE : CBSI LECTURER : MS.LEE.LILY YEAR : 2015 CONTENT PAGE Introduction 1 Define Communication 3 8 Elements in Communication Process 4 Conclusion 12 References 13 Introduction What Is Communication Communication involves the transfer of meaning. If information or ideas can’t been conveyed, communication has not taken places. The speaker who is not heard or writer who is not read does not communicate. The philosophical question, “if a tree falls in a forest and no one heard it, does it make any noise?” must, in a communicate context, be answered negatively.…show more content…
Feedback is essential in communication so as to know whether the recipient has understood the message in the same terms as intended by the sender and whether he agrees to that message or not. Receivers are not just passive absorbers of messages. They receive the message and respond to about the subject matter about what they have understood. This response of a receiver to sender’s message is called Feedback. Sometimes a feedback could be a non-verbal, smiles, sighs and other times, it is oral. It can also be written like replying to an e-mail. Feedback enables us to evaluate effectiveness of our message. It makes communication more meaningful. It is the end-result of an idea and makes communication a continuous process. If our audience doesn’t understand what we mean, we can tell by the response and then refine the message accordingly. Giving our audience a chance to provide feedback is crucial for maintaining an open communication climate. The speaker must create an environment that encourages feedback. For example after explaining the job to the subordinated he must ask them whether they have understood it or not. He should ask questions like “Do you understand?”, “Do you have any question?” etc. At the same time must allow his subordinated to express their views…show more content…
You can effectively utilize your voice tone and body language to convey your message across. It is often advised to establish eye to eye contact wherever possible rather than other forms of indirect communication. Not only for this sometimes you send wrong message just only one word also will make you lose money or harm people in business. So that, in the business ways communication is very important sometimes not only business ways when u talk with people also will spoil your morality. You should be careful in accepting a “yes” response because when people ask do you understand if you really misunderstood he or she say what but you say yes to him or her then you also don’t know what he or she say just now but you accept people already. So that, communication is very important no matter what living creature also have communication even though a pig or dog also got

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