The Importance Of Female Beauty Standards

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High Standards
The first thing noticed about someone is their physical appearance. Women are judged every day based on how they look both genetically and how they present themselves. Female beauty standards have changed negatively over the course of decades due to the beauty, film, social media, and fashion industries and has created negative effects on women.
This all goes back to the definition of female beauty. There are certain characteristics about women’s physical appearance that deem her beautiful, which includes the symmetry of her face, the shape of her body, and her grooming habits. A symmetrical face is more attractive because it “implies 'developmental stability ', which refers to a history of resistance to stresses during development” (Wilson). The preference of symmetry is not by any means new because it is encoded in the human DNA to look for symmetry in a potential mate. A slimmer and well-proportioned figure is also favored. Grooming habits are a part of beauty that is more easily controllable compared to physical features. Grooming habits represent time and effort put into appearance rather than one’s genetics. Genetics have a large influence on beauty standards. Beauty is a signal of “health, reproductive and parental fitness” (Wilson). The reasons for liking a certain feature are usually unnoticed because it is a part of our DNA. Certain aspects of beauty standards stem from the idea that in order to find a husband, a woman must be a hard worker,
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