Feminism In Today's World

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There is a sudden need to join forces in order to promote the welfare and wellbeing of thousands of suffering women across the globe. In todays’ scenario, women are being subjected all sorts of abuse- mental, physical, sexual etc. This again, reemphasises on Feminism as a science and a tool in order to revive these women out of their shambles and empower them. Feminism has been misinterpreted or misunderstood in literature. It doesn’t talk about taking the rights from men and transferring it to women, but it only talks about providing equal rights to both men and women. In order to create an egalitarian society, feminism is very crucial and significant. In order to guesstimate the real stand of women in today’s world, it…show more content…
It is simply because of the fact that when one is well nourished, one becomes more productive. This leads to the question of the access of proper Healthcare to women across the globe. When e\women become healthier, they can rise above poverty. This will ensure a better social status, thus leading to peace and harmony in their lives. Thus, there is a global call for ensuring sustainable nutrition for young women. Data suggests that Healthcare and Nutrition varies from a nation to another nation. Women belonging to industrialized economies have made considerable progress in accessing healthcare for themselves and their families. Having said that, it is only fair to appreciate the UN Decade for Women for making a huge difference in putting women’s issues globally and helping in representation. Even the World Health Organisation has played a very significant role in ensuring that women enjoy a good health status in the society. To throw light on the Nutrition part of the discussion, malnutrition is a huge hindrance to humanity. It can be defined as the lack of good health due to the deficiencies in micro and macro nutrients. Although the problem of malnutrition has been prevalent over several decades, the past decade has recorded the highest level of malnutrition in India. This is due the fact that there is strong ignorance about the causes and the effects of malnutrition. And young girls seem…show more content…
It also noted that, by fulfilling the Millennium Development Goals, steps should be taken in order to provide an opportunity for girls and women to learn. This is because of the fact that this will not only improve their own lives but will also create an impact on their families, the society and the economy as a whole. This can also be viewed as an important tool to fight poverty and hunger respectively. Data suggests that a woman is more likely to graduate and get a well-paying job after her basic education. Certain developing countries like Yemen, Nepal, and Bangladesh have seen rapid increases in growth due to the contributions made by their woman. Certain steps have been taken by the UNICEF in order to ensure this. The Back on Track Programme ensures that girl children get education even during crisis situations and also irrespective of their economic status. At this point, it is very important to note that these programmes and initiative alone cannot bring about a change. This is a result of strong economic and political will. The right and needs of women must be addressed in a way that quality education is being given at no cost. There is a need for bolder steps on all fronts in order to enrich the process of learning among
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