Summary: The Importance Of Feminism

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So today, in the year 2015, feminism is very much necessary, however, is misunderstood. According to recent interviews with my expert Tiffany Smith, the most common misconceptions that she has seen in her time, graduating from Spelman College, an all women’s Historically Black College and University (HBCU), are statements that have remained the same for many years. She said that many women’s first response, to feminism from women of all culture is that “[they] have never experienced inequality, and if it hasn’t happened to [them], society should be focusing more on issues that actually affect today’s people.” (Smith, Tiffany. Phone Interview. February 3, 2015 ) This has been said to be a statistic that is very common in almost all social movements…show more content…
Feminism is a movement that highlights the importance and rearranges the misguidance of critical thinking, and allowing women-and men, awareness. Through many explanations of feminism through The Huffington post, the site explains,” it’s about recognizing that women face a gender-based lack of opportunity, which manifests itself in many ways - from unequal pay to that of men, to, in some cases, great vulnerability to violence. Being a feminist is about being informed and cognizant that all women do not have access to the same advantages as men.” Over the years as society has had to deal with these women versus men debates, younger women, have been more accepting rather than rejecting of the feminism values, this is because while past women dealt with the big issues, that were well seen, and easy to take a stand on, today’s women say ,”feministic inequalities in their lives, often go unnoticed, by even themselves.” (Prabhu,) Feminism has been presented in both positive and negative lights, but the recent waves of feminism has defamed many men, and has hindered supporters from getting actively…show more content…
"Radical feminists reject the notion of a “female brain.” They believe that if women think and act differently from men it’s because society forces them to, requiring them to be sexually attractive, nurturing, and deferential. In the words of Lierre Keith, a speaker at Radfems Respond, femininity is “ritualized submission” (Keith). A line taken straight from the piece itself, is representative of the piece as a whole because it discusses misconceptions and common summations made about feminists and their beliefs and the was that they act upon those beliefs. The article questions, and justifies, which is an unlikely pair that compliments one another. However, trending statistics sadly show, that if feminism isn’t addressed and given direction before December 2015, it will be 75 years at least for the probability that women will be paid the same for equal work will almost level out. In this time around the world, still ignoring feminism values, or holding true to the approach we have now, with just 2 percent of women noting themselves as feminist, in a mere 16 years, 15.5 million children females will be married off, and it won’t be until 2086 that all

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