The Importance Of Fighting In Hockey

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Is fighting in hockey a marketing tool or ploy? Fighting in hockey is a major marketing tool. Hockey is all about toughness, and the fights are a way to show that toughness. The fighting lures new viewers to see and go hockey games. As hockey gets more violent, more people are watching. If fighting gets banned, the popularity of hockey goes down. Would anyone watch hockey without fighting? If hockey bans fighting, the uniqueness of the sport is gone, the tradition is gone. A lot of hockey fans watch hockey because of the fights. There are non-hockey fans, which only watch the sport of hockey just for the fighting. If fighting is gone, a lot of viewers will not pay the same attention to the sport as they did before. Hockey will not be the same without the intense fighting. In fact, it’s not hockey without fighting.…show more content…
It is a fact that the vast majority of professional hockey players are White American, Canadian, Russian or European, the majority of Caucasian descent. There’s not a lot of ethnic diversity in the sport right now, only 5% of players are minority. If hockey was more diverse in terms of ethnic diversity, the mainstream media will give hockey a similar treatment as they do to others major sports with lots of diversity, such as, Basketball, Baseball and Football. The more diverse, the players are in a sport, the larger the fan base is going to grow. Therefore, the mainstream media will make it a priority to reach that fan

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