The Importance Of Filial Duty In The Family

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For instance, the reason why Mulan has to “Buy a saddle and horse, and serve in the

army in father’s place” (1) is because the filial duty in Confucianism. The motivation of

join the army is start from consideration about her parents. According to the Xiaojing

(the classic of filial piety) filial duty is not about blindly obey their parents or serve their

parents at any times but not failing in obedience in serving parents, be able to preserve

their emoluments and positions. (2) The action Mulan does prevents her family from the

fate of sent to prison and also preserves her father’s “emoluments and positions”, and this

kind of behavior can’t be considered as breaking the rules. In fact, Confucianism

teachings approve of this kind of behavior.

Filial duty affects Mulan’s behavior of enlisted in the army instead of her father,

family honor required in Confucianism drives her wins hundreds of battles, gains military

rank and finally “promotions in twelve ranks” and “prizes of a hundred thousand”. In

Confucianism thinking way family is the extension of the person. Therefore, everybody

should honor their family as possible as they can. Generally speaking, the phrase family

honor is not only contains one people’s duty to their family but also includes duty for

their country because country is widely regarded as the extension of the family in

traditional Chinese culture. Some Confucian classics including Lunyu and Daxue mention

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