Drastic Movies: The Evolution Of Film Advertising

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Hence, advertising has evolved into an enormous business. One great change between the new and old abnormal is the multitude of advertising done in order to create movie pre awareness. Most directors and producers cannot make films a success unless they create a tentpole film, have a killer advertising team, or are someone like Christopher Nolan or Steven Spielberg (Obst). This makes it more difficult for lower budget movies with original plot lines to have much success, so rather than risk it, they rely on their few blockbuster films guaranteed to make a lot of money (Obst). And in order to turn these movies into smash hits, advertisements spring up everywhere. The film industry prompts business for other industries. Sponsorship ad campaigns…show more content…
The market has expanded as a result of these complex movies, with new discoveries and trailers created all the time. Previews in theaters can make over $500 million in revenue before the film actually starts (Overpeck). Pre-film advertising has essentially morphed into a kind of science, in an attempt to flock as many viewers to the theaters as possible (Overpeck). With such a complex marketplace, how could the old classics survive? They wouldn’t. The scale at which films advertise and execute their plotlines has rocketed towards the…show more content…
These special effects, initially shunned during the 90s for underdevelopment and cost, now exist in almost all big blockbusters (Singh). CGI has gradually evolved into scarily realistic effects, and this technology’s versatile nature has lessened some of the burdens within the industry. Rather than hiring thousands of actors for a battle scene, they can create an army digitally via CGI (Singh). Casts no longer have to travel to specific locations to film a scene, and instead can use green screens that give the same effect. This makes for more epic explosions, intense fight scenes, and the rising popularity in action packed, science fiction films. Hollywood could not have made franchises like Transformers or The Fast and the Furious without this new technology, and taking advantage of the fact that they can do it now has many benefits. Not only does it “wow” audiences, CGI exists as something only the United States can execute well right now, giving other audiences a chance to see complete other worlds and special effects unlike any other. The current generation has grown up with smartphones and video games; technology follows us wherever we go. The advancement of Computer Generated Images and other technologies within cinema offer both an experience to audiences and a whole other business within

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