The Importance Of Film In Medieval Times

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Films Set in Medieval Times Films enable people to see different times and places. For today 's people past has always been a mystery. Medieval times is especially a riveting period, because of the sources we have from these times ( literary, visual arts etc.). With the sources, we see how different their lives were from ours. Elements of their social, economic lives appeals us and film industry uses it against audience to earn money from it, so they make films about these times continuously. As a matter of course every film that has been made has affected and sometimes improved the notion of medieval times in our times. Medieval film is not a genre by itself. ' 'It is not quite a genre, any more than is 'the historical film ', a part of whose ground it covers ' ' (qtd. in Williams 1). We see movies whose subjects are medieval times in different genres. They have different purposes and perspectives towards the subject they work on. While The Name of the Rose (1986) shows medieval times with its all reality and toughness, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) satirizes the medieval times ' social life and its necessities by mocking the significant elements of the time (the God, the King etc). They both discuss the same subjects, ignorance and corruption of that time, they lead audience to question and think but in disparate ways. Concept of reality is one of the most discussed subjects on medieval films, because a thing which is too real thereby boring for a watcher
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