The Importance Of Film Music

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Film music commonly referred as film score, is basically an original music that is normally incorporated in a movie to accompany a film to form part of the soundtrack of a film. According to Kurt London, film scores were created to remove the projectors noise in a film. The noise was a nuisance as it disturbed visual enjoyment during a performance in the auditorium. Since they did not have recorded sounds they used a pianist to create music while the film proceeded. Therefore they thought of introducing film music so that it could eliminate the noises. Film score comprises of cues that are specifically timed to begin and end at a certain point in a film just to enhance the film narrative. Literally, they are composed with the help of film…show more content…
One is spotting, which can be explained as the prerequisites a composer needs to do before composing a score. A composer normally starts his/her work as the film production is ending. He/she is given part of the film to watch in order to grasp what is required of him/her. In most cases the composer sits with the film director and watches the whole film in order to determine where and when a cue needs to entre. At the same time the composer takes special timing notes on when to entre a cue and when to end it. This whole process is what is called spotting. However, there are special cases where the composer is required to compose the score by only going through the scripts without watching the film. In this case he/she is given the authority to control the film flow and be able to reason independent. In this case the director will edit the film to fit the flow of the music. An example of this scenario happened when the movie The Good, the Bad and the Ugly which were directed by Sergio Leone and the film score composer was Ennio Morricone. In spotting there are two steps which are syncing and writing click tracks. Syncing is an important step that requires the composer to sync the music with the pictures. There are two techniques that are used where one is by free timing while the other is by use of sequencing software to calculate the timings while written click track which is generally a method of writing musical bars in consistent time values for it to have a constant
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