The Importance Of Fine Arts Education

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The Importance of Fine Arts Education
Many high schools require their students to take at least one fine arts class in order for them to graduate. This requirement is either perceived as a fun and easy "A," or a dreadful decision because of the inability to understand or create art/music. The question of requiring students to take fine arts classes in high school has brought up many controversies among educators, parents, and students. Art and music-wired students have no problem with requirements as such, but on the other hand, students with little or no art/music interests and abilities are spending time in a class where they know they will not have a future in. Music and art are so prevalent in our society that it is crucial to require fine arts education in schools. In a normal classroom setting, students are expected to do exactly as they are told: everything from writing a perfectly structured essay to integrating a complex function. In an art or music classroom, students are exposed to skills beyond the basic math, history, English, and science requirements. Students are also encouraged to use their wild imagination and creativity to express themselves. In a society where, new changes and inventions are introduced daily, it is pivotal to have the creativity and the ability to think "outside of the box." Fine arts classes promote inventiveness and challenge the minds of younger generations to express ideas in a different way. Those classes also help students interpret
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