The Importance Of Fitness

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The major purpose of the following essay is mainly about examining the importance and the role of fitness as a lifestyle. After doing several research and analyzing many readings to finally come up with an important conclusion: Fitness is a good lifestyle for both mental and physical health since it controls weight, improves quality of life, and prevents diseases. Fitness helps to gain more self-confidentand essential for building personality, beside the fact that fitness offers a stable and a healthy life with a positive thinking. “It is essential to be motivated”. Indeed, the desire to accomplish a goal can help to build a strong motivation and create enthusiasm to reach any goal. The process adopted by people to control their own life is called self-determination and it is strongly needed in person’s life. Thanks to these two concepts, one may change the way of his or her life efficiently. Nevertheless, an efficient treatment of mental and psychological disorders by specialists is crucialto have a better life (, 2014). Fitness is considered as an effective tool to gain self-determination since it helps persons to control weight, improve quality of life, and prevent diseases. Mainly because exercising is good for health since it permits the process of cleaningand detoxing the body. Fitness is mainly about physical activities and efforts and that help to maintain a healthy psychology since it increases the
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