The Importance Of Flag Desecration

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“We do not consecrate the flag by punishing its desecration, for in doing so we dilute the freedom that this cherished emblem represents.”
-Justice William J. Brennan, Texas v. Johnson
What happens to a principle if we are unwilling to stand for it? What does it mean to believe something only to the point where it becomes uncomfortable to do so? The answer is simple, the principle ceases to exist. It becomes nothing more than hypocrisy, a lie we tell ourselves to create a sense of faux morality.
When it comes to the desecration of the flag the above view is one many would take contention with. To them, an act such as defiling the flag is speech so reprehensible that preventing it is a moral imperative. To prevent such actions is to disrespect
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But why not make an exception? After all, it means so much to so many people, is it not reasonable for there to be one exception to the rule? Oh, if only it were so simple. But as any parent knows, exceptions to the rules tend to breed more exceptions.
This is the danger of those I refer to as the ‘Free Speech But…’ crowds. You will find them everywhere, each one asking for one simple exception to the rule, all beginning with their argument “I believe in free speech, but…”. But nothing my friend. While I’m sure you protectors think you’re the only one deserving of exemption, what makes you better than any of the rest?
After all, is it not the exact same argument?
Could one not argue that it a religion is more sacred than a flag? Or what of a certain culture? Or even identity itself?
Certain certain religions, cultures and identities are worthy and needing of criticism, of that I am sure we can all agree. At the same time the argument of offence can equally leveled by them. And why is your offence should be taken in higher regard than theirs?
Could it instead be that the protectors are the same as all the rest? Could it be that they are all equally as weak, fragile and readily offended? I suspect so. All cut from the same
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