Persuasive Essay On Fast Food Advertising

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Food is advertised to the public in so many wrong ways it’s amazing what’s allowed. Wrongly advertised food can mean a lot of different things. Fast food restaurants are notorious for wrongly advertising items look. Another one is when junk food products or unhealthy food items and advertised toward obese and young children. My last topic is what are the laws and regulations regarding food advertising and what they're allowed to say and show to who. My first topic is about fast food restaurants and there commercial and advertising of there food products. If you have noticed this yourself but have you ever seen one of those commercials for a mcdonalds burger or an arby's sandwich where that item of food is shown so vividly and put together…show more content…
Also with my first topic, it was to do with the way the products are presented and show. In many commercials like a new cereal or snack for kids they report that item as a new healthy option or a better update to their product trying to make that item healthier but in all reality those claims might be true but it does not account for all the terrible ingredients still inside of them like they may say these fruit snacks have 50 percent less sugar but even though it may be half of what it was it still is at an unhealthy amount or if that sugar really is way down in amount that product will have a substitute to that sugar to keep the tase in it and keep it appealing to kids and make them enjoy it so they will want more of it but that substitute could be a lot less healthy than the original ingredient but by saying it has way less sugar to make it more appealing for these parents to buy it for there kids as a better snack. The other side to this is when a product is advertised as a healthier option to this snack or an item that will help them with their health but still have the same great taste which is impossible to completely make this item healthier or 100 percent better for them because they still have to keep it similar so that person will still enjoy it but they will make those claims so that the buyer will feel better about eating it when it still affects their health and no actually helping them at
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