Wendell Berry Food Rhetorical Analysis

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Have you ever wondered what is in your food? How it is made? How it is processed to become the way it is? In Wendell Berry’s essay he explains how food has been changed to become the way it is. He wants you to eat responsibly because you have the right to know what makes your food and what is in it. I agree with Wendell Berry, because we do not always know what exactly we are eating and what makes it the way it is, food is changed to save money and please the companies that are making it. Most of the food that is consumed says it comes from farms but in reality it does not. Most urban shoppers would tell you that food is produced on farms. But most of them do not know what farms, or what kinds of farms, or where the farms are, or what knowledge or…show more content…
That food is either for the microwave or in box packaging ready to eat. Wendell Berry asks in his essay that food
Acuna 2 product has been manufactured or processed or precooked and how does that affect its nutrition value. Food that consumers buy should not be frozen or precooked because how is it known if the food is fresh or if it does not contain any chemicals that make it stay good while frozen. The people should think twice before purchasing something that is frozen or precooked. When people go to the market and see something of food cheap they tend to buy it because of the price. When something is cheat it does not always mean it is good or healthy. It may mean that the thing that make it are processed and that is what made it a cheap price. People pay, mostly without protest, what they are charged. And the mostly ignore certain critical questions about the quality and the cost of what they are sold (Berry 3). Think twice before you buy something that says it is heathy but cheap because that’s the catch. Sometimes when a food product is a little more than others it is because the ingredients that make it are the processed like
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