The Importance Of Food Hygiene And Safety

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Food hygiene and safety usually refer to contamination with microorganism or microbes, whereas in communicable diseases, the term infection agents is preferred. All over the world people are serieosly affected day by day that are caused by consuming unhygienic and unsafe food. we should have to give emphasis on good food hygiene practices to prevent and control the food borne diseases, food poisioning, dayeria, vomiting etc. food borne diseases result from eating food that contain infectious or toxic substances, we should eat the food free from contaminants such as microorganisms and chemicals. The term food safety and hygiene usually refer to particularly the practice that prevent the microbial contamination of food. food safety is a closely related but broader concept that means food is free from all possible contamination and hazards the terms may be used interchangeably. food hygiene is creating and maintaining hygiene and healthy condition for the production and consumption of the food that we eat. We should have to give more emphasis on good food practises, in home as well as and more on hospitality industries so that we will save from food diseases. which food is contamination from microorganisms but sometimes we do never consider that food is dry or wet. if the food off the flour and consider to can eat in the absence of outsider in our home just because of prevent the westing of food or in other side hospitality industries

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