The Importance Of Food Labeling

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Food labeling is the only approach to educate the consumer about the healthy and nutritional food items. Food labeling awareness helps to the consumer about healthy food choices (Hoefkens et al, 2012). Food label is beneficial in fulfilling of future food related needs. It also helps in varying food shopping behavior from unhealthy to healthy food items of the consumer (Liu et al, 2015).
China is the largest populated country in the World. China announced a program with the name “Healthy China 2020” in the year 2011 and aimed in encouraging consumer about the healthy consumption behavior (Hu et al, 2011).
The importance of nutritional information having with overall food label is unavoidable. The consumers are helped in maintaining the quality of routine dietary, once the nutritional information on food label is being placed (Campos et al, 2011; Wahlich et al (2013). China published its 1st Food Nutritional Label Regulation in 2008 after considering the importance of the nutritional information on food label (MOH, 2008).
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Food processing firms have put extra ordinary efforts about the food labeling. Since, the scientific language for the nutritional food labeling creates gap between consumer and food choice, therefore, easy to understand language is preferable language for the nutritional food labeling. Most of the researchers reported that the understanding about nutritional food labeling is the key point for the success of food products (Grunert et al, 2010; Hoefkens et al,
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