The Importance Of Food Preservatives

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During the last decades, due to numerous food recalls and food borne illnesses, policy makers as well as consumer played increasing attention to food preservatives. In this sense, there are numerous food regulating agencies which try to address the various food preservations issues by setting up specific regulations, as well as inform the public about the importance of food safety, under which fall also the food preservatives. Food preservatives basically are preserving agents which ensure that manufactured food items preserve their tastes and qualities, but more importantly they are used to keep food unspoiled and thus safe to be consumed. In this paper we will be focusing on a specific food preservative namely the Sodium Sulphite which is comes in a white granular or powder form. This food additive is mainly use for is potpies to preserve the freshness of a food product.

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According to Papazian (1996) and as declared in CODEX Alimentarius (2015), sodium Sulfites is a preservative that is added in numerous food products, to preserve their freshness such as:
• In the baking industry to preserve the humidity and freshness of bread and other baked products (also macaroni and other pastas).
• In dried fruits an vegetables, in different mix of condiments and different type of jams and marmalades
• In dried potatoes like peeled or pre-cutted and soup’s mix, breakfast cereals, pre-cooked pastas
• Processed meats and meat products like sausages
• In the beverage

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