The Importance Of Food Safety

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Food is a basic necessity of life without which there would be an extinction of human and animal species. Majority of people especially in India experience food and water borne diseases. According to the WHO Report, more than two hundred diseases are spread through food. Realizing the importance of food for mankind, and the unhealthy measures practiced in the processing of food, it becomes important to make sure the food consumed is not contaminated and proper measures are implemented in order to take care of the issue.
Food safety refers to the process whereby food is stored and preserved efficiently, preventing infection. Unsafe food and water contain toxins, chemicals, parasites, bacteria and are often exposed to dirt and germs which become life threatening and the consumption of unsafe food also lowers the productivity of people resulting in lower economic productivity. With the recent Maggi Controversy, where maggi was banned due to the excess amount of lead present, it has made me more conscious and aware of the unhealthy food consumed today, and has helped me realize the importance of regulating food safety measures. Therefore, the topic chosen is food safety and the costs-benefit involved in the implementation of food safety regulations.
As the topic chosen was food safety, the main research problem in all the five articles was food safety and the costs involved by adopting and abiding to the food safety regulations. The two articles, ‘the incidence of producer

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