The Importance Of Food Waste In The Modern World

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Food is a fundamental element of human survival, vital to our existence and functioning as human beings. Despite that, in today’s world approximately one billion people are suffering from undernutrition or starvation, particularly in developing countries. In opposition to this situation, the case of food waste has seen little to no improvement in the developed world. In the UK alone, around 20 % of the food purchased is wasted (WRAP, 2008). In today’s industrialized world, people spend less and less percentage of their incomes in food , forgetting its value by having it at such easy accessibility. At the same time, we never bought more food than we do now . This context makes it so that the food we waste has a deep impact that does not affect each individual household alone, but also has deep environmental, economic and social impacts. On top of this, the recent increase of food prices lead to a food crisis that showed us the scarcity of food and the problem of food shortages affecting the world, bringing the matter of food waste to a central stage and attracting the attention and concerns of NGO’s, international and supranational institutions and the states, and making it an issue of global concern. Now more than ever, people need to become aware of the importance of saving food and the impact their own waste can have in the world. As FAO put it, if only one quarter of the food lost or wasted globally was consumed, it would be sufficient to feed 870 million people (12%

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