Essay On Food Waste In America

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Around 40% of the sustenance that America produces goes to squander. Looking at the situation objectively, that is a considerable measure of nourishment getting tossed out on a day by day basis. Most of the time the food that is being tossed out is still great to eat however numerous individuals don't understand that. Simply think about how much food you waste in a day? I mean for some people in America, food waste is just the way of life and many Americans do it because they simply just can. Nobody can stop them so they do it. Public health researchers from Johns Hopkins University surveyed Americans about their feelings on food waste, they found that “Americans are pretty picky about what gets to stay in their refrigerators.” Therefore, food waste will be a significant issue that should be resolved because it is very ridiculous on the measures of food that goes to waste. Simply picture this, you go out to eat at an eatery. You order a personal pizza that comes with six big slices and you only finished three out of the six slices which leaves you with three leftover slices. In your mind,…show more content…
Since we do live in a very careless society, once someone sees that there is fuzz on just two of their raspberries they decided to throw out all of them raspberries when in reality people can just throw the two bad ones out and keep the rest. Same goes for bread. When people see a slice of bread that is rotting or is turning grey they decide to throw away the whole loaf of bread. Do you realize how much money and food is going to waste because of the way we are accustomed to throw away stuff that is looking bad? Many people do this because in a study at John Hopkins, they came out with results indicating that sixty percent of people were saying that they would throw away food no matter what the circumstances is because they have a desire to eat the most freshest

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