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FOOTBALL is a beautiful game.
The fortune of Fijian football is slowly moving towards the goal which was created by the Frenchman Christophe Gamel after taking up the coaching job of Fiji Football Association 's head coach.
Majority of fans have started believe in the national team with the new structure and style Gamel is working hard to bring into the team since earlier this month.
Gamel has booted the kick and chase pattern which Fiji was known to before and instead he is bringing in a flavour of modern football.

With the saying that "Rome was not built in a day" it can also be said that it would take time to change the habbit of the football players and embrace the modern football but Game has managed to change those critisim into praises in his
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They have started to keep the ball possession whereas before they found it easier to play kick and chase football which is totally wrong since the players only played according to their physical strength," he said.
"It is nearly impossible for me to change the style of football for some of the middle aged players. However, for youths and the grassroots development we will continue to work and change the football in players.
"Football is a beautiful sport but sometimes it can also be cruel. Football keeps on changing and it has become modern."
The name or status on an individual means nothing to him as he works on his own principle that the selection will only be made on the performance of the players on the field. This saw him relegating Fiji 's top footballer Roy Krishna on the bench in their first match against New Caledonia.
Gamel, 44, said he was trying to fix the problems in the Fijian football and so far he is on track to make Fiji a compeitive side in the region and at the international stardard. He has already made plans for the 2021 World Cup in Qatar and 2026 World
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