How Football Changed My Life

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When I was younger I was a great football player. Everyone knew who I was because I was so fast and quick. It was like I was a god how everyone was calling my name as soon as I got in the gate. I was so good that even the other teams knew who I was not saying they liked me but they know what I’m made of. The bad thing is, is that I was bad at doing my work in school but the team needed me so bad the couches would sit me out for a quarter and then put me in for the whole game. The sad thing is was I was cool with that so I wasn’t doing my work in school but everyone was still treating me like a when I got to high school I was ready to play football and all I was thinking about was football. So I wasn’t doing no work wasn’t even listening to teachers I was just doing me getting at girls and just being the class clown then I found out I couldn’t play football no more in my 10th grade because my GPA was so bad and my grades was so bad then I tried to get for real tried to do my work tried to start listening but I just didn’t learn nothing because all I knew how to do was play in my head I messed up my whole life because I put sports before education .…show more content…
I really like what you guys are doing here it’s like you give kids a second chance to do good in life and have a great future. I guess football wasn’t for me I guess god had another plan for me I can’t wait to see it in the long run but right now I have to be patient and
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