Personal Narrative: My Most Rewarding Experience

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It was the beginning of school of my seventh grade year. It was the first year we could play football and everyone from Moose Lake and Willow River were in it. The practices weren’t easy back then but it was fun being around all of my friends who were in it. Each day we went to practice it got a little bit easier from all of the conditioning they put us through. Then there was the school work that we had to do alongside football, it wasn’t always easy but I also got it done and did pretty well on it too.

The days went by fast game by game practice after practice because we were having fun as a team. We did not always do the best as a team but it was our first year of football for all of us but it was the most rewarding experience I have ever had. In school I knew this Guy named Noah we did not always see eye to eye and I never
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Once we had gotten to the open area where the cemetery was we saw a bunch of his dad and some of his other family members and then once we had all gotten to the cemetery they then proceed to start to ceremony. HIs dad was the speaker the whole time and he had thanked all of us for coming and had asked for some of us that knew him say something about him. It was a very sad feeling knowing that it is the last time that we will ever see him. Towards the end of the ceremony we all had roses to put on his grave and then we all had a moment of silence and then we all walked back to the bus to go back to the school as it was the end of the ceremony. He was gone but not forgotten as at the end of that school year we made a permanent memorial for him outside of the school with a plaque and a tree. Every year after the day of his death we always went outside to his memorial with his dad and had a moment of silence and take pictures. He will always be remembered by all of

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