The Importance Of Football

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Do you think the perk of learning teamwork, respect, and the physical and mental health of youth is important? The sport of football is a self learned, respected game that is very great at teaching life lessons which is why its good for youth to get the experience of football. Football will help the future growth of youth by providing the lessons of teamwork, discipline, respect, and the physical an mental health. This sport provides so much more than these three topics but this will explain the importance of these life lessons that need to apart of children 's life 's and the expectations that will be met though football.

First, football provides better physical and mental health. Youth at their young age need a certain amount of exercise each day to stay healthy which football is the way to go. Football provides cardio by aerobic and anaerobic exercise this keeps your body going. Mental health to the body is important to keep balance. Football is said to help the level endorphins health which is your mental health by stabling and keeping them calm with their moods off the field. Football is a sport that is said to relieve stress by physical

contact. This helps youth players stay calmer an less known to express anger off the field in their life 's. People might say they are other ways to stay active but football provides so many positive things for a persons health that its crazy not to play this sport.

Next, football is a sport that certainly teaches the right way of
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