The Importance Of Foreign-Born Workers In The US

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or many years the United States has been considered by many people to be the land of opportunity where anyone can come to achieve a better life. Like anywhere in the world the immigration of people both legally and illegally has helped shape America’s population and economy. In the U.S. there are millions of illegal immigrants that struggle to find a way to live as well as legal immigrants who abide by American law and still struggle to get by. As a result of the large inflow of foreign-born people into the United States, in recent decades immigration has singularly increased the presence of foreign-born workers in America. There have been many heated debates surrounding the impact of these immigrants on the U.S. workforce and economy. Critics often point to the labor market to support their case against immigration. They argue that an increase in the supply of workers creates extra competition for jobs which cause American-born workers to suffer if immigrants are willing to accept lower wages.…show more content…
economy by maintaining high productivity and creating more jobs as the American population
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